Project Maragall

One of our customers from the first hour owns an apartment that was rented for long term. After this rental finished the owner consulted us whether he could improve his income from this property.

Finally we advised and agreed on to do some cost effective renovations and decoration changes to bring the apartment up-to-date to modern requirements. The major change was changing 1 bedroom to a bathroom. The bathroom before the renovation was very small and located where the new vanity in the toilet is installed. By this change/split the bathroom and toilet became good sized and more practical.

After the renovation was finished we listed the apartment for monthly rental (32 days – 11 months) results in a substantial higher rental income and value of the property.

In the following “before and after” pictures you see some of biggest changes of this renovation project.

For all the final pictures including the decoration you can click the link at the bottom of this page.

Living Room

New Bathroom (was a sleeping room)

Seperate Toilet (was bathroom with shower and toilet)

Click here to see all the images from this apartment after the renovation project.