PisoDesign.com offers a complete package of architecture and design of real estate, Interior and exterior design, renovation and construction including module/container homes.

We can include total project management so you don’t need to worry or stress while your property is constructed, renovated and decorated.

So whether you are buying, selling, moving or updating your dated home, PisoDesign.com can provide a complete service package to get it all done.

Our services are:
– Interior architecture & design.
– Renovation/rebuilding of the building, apartment or house.
– Design and construction of module/container homes.
– Architect report of the status of the construction.
– The legal steps to segregate a property.
– Buying all the furniture and decorations.
– Put all the furniture and decoration as designed.
– Project management of all the steps needed.
– “Turn Key Delivery” if and when we do the complete process of the renovation/rebuilding.

Contact us to ask about your possibilities!